Classification of Regular Students

Classification of Regular Students


Classification Criterion

  • A student shall be classified as a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior based on the total number of credit hours passed.

    Credit Hours Earned Student Classifications
    0-30 Freshman
    30-60 Sophomore
    60-90 Junior
    90- Senior
  • Whenever a student is readmitted or changes specialization or college, the student’s classification will be reviewed by the admission and registration office and will be subject to change according to existing rules.
  • The director of admission and registration shall have final authority in determining a student’s classification.


First Year Orientation Requirements

  • First Year Orientation
    The university strongly recommends that all new students attend an orientation session. This session will be organized during the first week at the beginning of the academic semester, and is designed to familiarize students with many aspects of the university life in general, and with their college in particular, including AAU policies and procedures: academic advisory, study plan etc. Students will learn important information about AAU student services, learning resources, job opportunities, financial aid, student activities, career counseling, housing and register courses for the first semester. 

  • Academic Advisor
    Each student at AAU is assigned an academic advisor who assists the student in planning class schedules, reviewing the curriculum and checking progress toward completing graduation requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to contact his/her advisor.

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