5 important tips to avoid the blurry pictures

The blurriness in the picture is a very crucial thing for a photographer. It not only ruins the picture but also the precious moment and time which you spend on it. In many cases, you cannot blame the camera for it but because it was not set up properly. So, we all should know the important ways by which we can avoid the blurry picture.

Shutter Speed

If your camera's shutter speed is low and your subject or camera is moving faster than that then you will definitely get a blurry picture. In such case, your shutter speed should be according to the focal length of the lens. For example, if you are using the 50mm camera then try to keep your shutter speed at least at 1/50th of a second or if you are using 200mm then the minimum shutter speed should be 1/200th of a second. Also what you can do is to take the same subject’s multiple pictures at different shutter speed and then compare them on the computer to understand at which shutter speed you can get a good sharp picture.

Increase Aperture

It is very important to know that what type of subject you have as you have to set the aperture accordingly. For example, if you are trying to take a picture of the landscape but your aperture is at 1.8 and your main purpose is to get everything in focus, then in the picture, you will get focus on a limited area. So, if your subject is big and far away, then try to increase the aperture accordingly in order to get the full sharp picture.


There are two types of issues related to focus. First, you don’t focus the right subject, which happens when you select the wrong point in the focus meter or using the autofocus option. The other one is when you don’t choose the right mode of focusing. There are 3 types of focusing modes. AF-S (single shot focus), AF-C (Continuous focus) and AF-A (autofocus in this mode the camera will select the mode automatically).

Use Tripod

As I discussed in one of my previous articles (5 Reasons to use a tripod) that how much a tripod is important. Tripod gives you the stability. So, if you reduce your shutter speed in order to get an appealing picture, then you should try to use a tripod. There are many other ways as well if you don’t have a tripod or don't want to use it and still wants to capture, especially in low light (Tips to do low light photography without using the tripod). But if you want to save time and have a proper photograph then I would prefer to use the tripod in order to get a good and sharped picture.

Clean the lens

The most frustrating situation occurs when you realize that you set the accurate camera setting and the camera was in stable form too but still you don’t get the sharpest picture. Such issues occur when the glass of your camera's lens is not clean, for example, the glass has some fingerprints on it or dust. So, to avoid such issues, always try to clean your lens before use and put the cap on the lens after using it. In order to protect it from damage and dust.