6 Amazing Fitness Mobile Application

Fitness does not only mean to get our body in a proper shape but we also get many health benefits from it too. The Fitness also helps your internal organs to work properly and keep you away from many diseases. As we all know that we keep our phone with us while going anywhere. The mobile phones are becoming the most important part of daily life. So, I will talk about few mobile applications in this article which are very useful to monitor and check your fitness level. There are many applications which run automatically in order to measure your movements such as walking, jogging, biking and running and manually you can add other information such as your weight, height so you could see your fitness level.

1. Google fit

This is one of the best application which is available on Android and is for free. It is also very useful as it works with the smartwatch too. It analyzes your performance and provides information in stats. Also, you can set up a specific goal in it and then it will monitor and compare your performance with it as well. It is a very user-friendly application and must try it.

2. Runtastic

This is another amazing android application which helps to record your jogging, walking, biking and running sessions by using GPS. It also has a customizable dashboard option by which you can adjust the information on dashboard accordingly. So, you don’t need to go through all the unwanted things in order to get specific information. This application has another very interesting feature that it integrates with many good music applications which helps you to listen to the music while doing the workout. In the free version, you can access only a few features. So, in order to get all the features, you need to get the subscription.

3. Jawbone

This application is available for both Android and IOS and it is totally free. In this application, if you don’t know about tracking goal then it can help you by providing multiple options to choose which one you suits you best. Also, this application covers all the basic fitness features.

4. Jetfit

This application can work with your as a trainer but it’s up to you as you can change it into manual mode. There are many animated clips in it as well which helps to do the exercise properly. There is a social area of this application where you can connect with many other people who are also using the same application. This application also has a website from where you can buy the full version of the application and get more amazing and effective features.

5. FitStar

Fitstar is available for both Android and IOS. This is a very good application especially for the beginners because this application allows you select the difficulty level and once you set it then the application creates a plan and will teach you accordingly. For example, if you choose the low level then the application will teach you slowly. This application works as your digital trainer which helps to get fit without breaking your body

6. Yoga studio

As it clears from its name that this application is based on yoga and it is available for Android. The application has many yoga classes with video instructions which help to do the yoga poses properly. Other than that this application has 280 poses for practice, schedules and also customize classes. It is a very impressive application and would be very helpful for those who do or interested to start yoga. The best part of this application is that to get all the features, you don’t need to subscribe monthly or yearly. You just need to pay once and then you can access all the features.