6 Most Common Photography Myths

The myth is such information which is circulated by a few people down through the history of on certain things which are not correct, just an assumption. In photography, many people want to learn about it and some people try few things, but if they don’t get the required results they create an assumption. Due to which many people try to avoid such things and then they don’t get the proper results. So, in this article, I will talk about some common and famous photography myths which are very important for every photographer to know.


Need good lighting

This is the most common and famous myth in photography as some people think that they can’t get a good picture in daylight which is not true. All you need to think creatively and try to capture from a different perspective to use the strong daylight in order to create a good image. And in low light, like photography at night or at a dark place, you can play with ISO and shutter speed as well to get a proper result.


Impossible to do shoot without tripod

As I discussed in the previous article (5 reasons to use a tripod) on the essentials of a tripod, doesn’t mean that you can’t take a picture without a tripod. Everything has pros and cons. Tripod sometimes limit you, to a camera fixed on the tripod and it’s difficult to relocate it. So, first, try to take a picture without the tripod and then if you think that you aren’t getting good results and can get better results by using the tripod then definitely go for the tripod. 


Need more lenses

Lenses are always the weakness of photographers. As photographers are always interested to buy every type of lens to try it. But you cannot take every lens with you everywhere. It’s very hassling to bring so many lenses to places. So, for such situation, you need to make a proper plan before going for a shoot like which lens do you think will be more suitable for the specific location.


Special place

It’s also a very common myth that for a good picture you need a very good and unique place. But that is not true because good results depend on your creativity like how differently you see a location or think for a picture. Try to take a picture from any new or different perspective which a normal person can’t think or see.\


Full frame camera

Many people believe that it is the most important factor to get a good picture. Somehow yes from the quality perspective, but mostly depends on the composition of a picture. Quality of picture is not more important than a composition of the picture. A picture should be so much appealing so that it can easily grab the attention of the viewer.


Adjust white balance of JPEG

You can make the adjustment of white balance on JPEG. As compared to RAW it is very limited but still, you have a certain room to adjust it. Many famous photographers prefer to do the shoot in RAW format so they can do editing easily, but in many cases, you don’t need to do editing of pictures. So, in such situation, it is better to use JPEG format as it will automatically adjust the contrast brightness of the picture.  

There are many more photography myths. All you have to do is to try everything so you could easily differentiate the knowledgeable facts from myths and wrong information.