Important factors while buying a camera lens

The lens play is a very vital role in photography which we all know and everyone wants to buy the best lens according to their need. It’s not an easy process to select the best lens. So, in order to avoid such confusions, it’s better to point out few things and I will discuss them in this article which might help you while taking such decisions easily and accurately.

First of all, you have to check that aperture of the lens.

Some say it as the speed of the lens because when your lens has low aperture then it will be more open and will allow more light to cross. So, if the aperture of a lens is low then it means that shutter speed can be quicker and which shows that the lens’ speed is fast. Normally we describe it with the letter ‘f’ for example, f/1.8, f/22, etc.  

After the aperture, the next thing comes is the focal length of the lens.

The focal length describes the length of a lens. It gives you an idea of the angle like which type of the picture you will get such as wide angled lenses, zoom lenses. we describe it with ‘mm’ for example, 50mm, 200mm etc.

Image Stabilizer

There are many new lenses which have this option and this image stabilizer helps you to reduce the motion blur issue. It mostly helps you when you are using a zoom lens and your subject is moving very fast or your lens have a lot of weight due to which you cannot keep your hand in the steady form. It is a very useful option and helps a lot in many cases.

Budget and Brands

The last thing comes is the budget and brand. There are many brands which offer the same type of lens with the different price range. Also, many brands have some unique lenses too. So, if you want a lens and one brand is offering it little expensive then don’t forget to check the price of other brands as well. But many photographers believe that when you change from one brand to another it affects your picture as well. Such as gives you a different effect, image quality, sharpness, colors etc. But I believe that you should check different brands by your own in order to come on a conclusion as you never know the same lens which other photographers don’t like you might like it and get a unique idea that how to use it properly and effectively.