Tips to Increase your Computer’s Speed

The computer speed means that how fast the processor of a computer executes or runs any command or action. There could be many reasons due to which your computer's speed is slow down. Most of us believe that we might need to increase the memory such as RAM, SSD etc.. In order to speed up but we can increase the speed of the processing without increasing the memory as well. In this article, I will give you few very helpful tips by which you can increase the speed of your computer.

The first tip is to clean your drive

Cleaning means to remove unwanted files and folders because in many cases we have many unwanted files which are covering a lot of space and processor don’t get enough space to process. So, it is very important to remove the unwanted files and folders in order to speed up your system.

The Second tip is Defrag your drive

In this, we use the defragment software which helps to do fragment which means that it combines the data together and remove unwanted spaces by which you get more space on the drive. In Windows 7 and 8, the system does it automatically but if you still feel that your system is not doing it then do it manually.

The next tip is to uninstall the unwanted programs

Sometimes we download software but after a while, we don’t use it. So, it’s better to check your programs list and try to remove the old and unwanted software which you are not using anymore because the software also takes space on the hard drive which affects the processing speed.

After uninstalling the unwanted software, the next thing,

which is very important that to scan your system in order to check is there any viruses or not. As we all know that there are many types of viruses which not only affect your data but also the processing speed too. So, it is very important to scan your system with latest and updated antiviruses so that your system stay safe and you get more processing speed.

You can also increase your computer’s processing speed by reducing the number of programs that run on startup because when you turn on your computer and you have a lot of programs on startup then it may need more time as it has to process all of them first. So, reduce the programs as much as you can.

The speed of processing can also be affected by the condition of your computer. So, it is very important to keep your system clean and keep it away from dust because if the cooling fan gets stuck due to dust then I could not only reduce the processing speed but also can damage the computer.