Five-year research plan (2021 – 2026)

ObjectivePlan of action
1.1. Form the governing committee for the research center 1.1.a. Propose the name for the research center1.1.b. List the benefits, opportunities, and challenges of having the center1.1.c. Establish the organizational/administrative structure1.1.d. Identify the responsibilities and roles of the center and the committees1.1.e. Form the governing committee (i.e. board of directors and the steering committee)
1.2. Identify the activities of the research center 1.2.a. Propose the activities for the research center
1.3. Improve the workflow/system in the lab 1.3.a. Form a safety and biohazard committee1.3.b. Manage the chemical waste1.3.c. Appoint/assign a safety officer1.3.d. Establish SOPs and instrumentation training
1.4. Assign lab supervisors to manage both the research and the cell culture lab 1.4.a. Explain the responsibilities to them1.4.b. Train the lab supervisors
1.5. Improve the scholarship scheme 1.5.a Write policy on the scholarship1.5.b Create web contents and put them on AAU website 
1.6. Re-allocate existing academic labs into new research facilities 1.6.a Figure out the space and requirements
1.7. Improve the annual internal grant scheme (as seed funding)   1.7.a. Accept, revise, and approve research proposals from faculty members1.7.b. Coordinate with admin staff for purchasing instruments and consumables for the approved projects1.7.c. Assign a research assistant/lab supervisor for every accepted/approved project
2.1. Provide support to faculty members for external funding application  2.2.a. Conduct a series of workshops/talks on how to write a research grant proposal
2.2. Enhance external collaboration 2.2.a Strengthen the current collaborations (Adcan, Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center, etc.) by establishing joint projects2.2.b Establish new collaborations with external research groups/parties2.2.c Initiate activities (i.e. research collaboration, joint research webinar, etc.) with the external collaborators2.2.d Conduct faculty members/lab supervisors/students exchange for training/research purpose
2.3. Expand the roles of research ethics committee 2.3.a. Identify the requirements by DOH2.3.b. Gather, collect, and fulfill the requirements
2.4. Establish an animal house 2.4.a Work on ethical aspects, consents, and requirements2.4.b Assign a supervisor/person-in-charge to supervise the facility
3.1. Develop the facilities / expand the research center 3.1.a. List down the requirements3.1.b. Propose a strategy for obtaining such facilities3.1.c. Propose a strategy for expanding (physical space) the research center
3.2. Upscale the instruments 3.2.a. Gather information from each research group on the required instrument3.2.b. Communicate with the AAU management to purchase them
3.3. Establish independent building 3.3.a Gather information on the required facilities and space3.3.b Plan and finalize on the layout3.3.c Build the facility/building
3.4. Include more research area/groups into the research center 3.4.a Figure out the demand i.e. what groups to be added3.4.b Allocate fund and physical space3.4.c Find out the requirements and equip them with necessary equipment