Goals and Objectives

Goals & Objectives


The ITC of AAU acts as the core of technology for the university community and always tries to apply new and up to date technologies in different aspects, which are important to deliver reliable solutions for the faculties and the students, this is done by drawing long-term and short-term plans in order to stay on the prosperity track, in the past years the ITC of AAU has been through several changes such as Infrastructure, hardware, and software to achieve the international standards of IT services.

ITC is still growing more and more year after year, some of the goals and objectives are mentioned in the following list:




  • Automate all educational and managerial processes in the university and reduce the usage of papers, by delivering the university services to the students using paperless online functionalities.
  • Apply the ISO standards in documentation and IT strategies to be on in the line with national and international educational institution.
  • Enhance and guarantee the availability of critical services by deploy redundant core components (servers, firewalls, core switches) and redundant connection to Internet.
  • Implement the use of smart student ID cards to provide access to classrooms and buildings in the university's campus.
  • Improve teaching methodologies inside classrooms, by deploying new technological solution inside classrooms such as Lecture Capturing System, Interactive Boards.
  • Enhance student’s experience inside University Computer Laboratories, by deploy modern computer spec and install latest stable version of academic software and operating systems.




  • Enhance AAU Administrative computer’s performance at both campuses in addition to enhancing Learning Experience inside classrooms and laboratories.
  • Optimize Surveilling System services in both campuses.
  • Enhance Wi-Fi Service including coverage and bandwidth in both campuses.
  • Enhance virtualization environment in AAU for computing and storage resources.

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