Final Online Exams Instructions (Distance Learning)


Students are obliged to follow the following instructions

  1. Prepare the laptop device and log in into the system at least (20) minutes prior to exam time;
  2. Open the computer camera and the microphone, and show their student ID card;
  3. Accessing the exam is prohibited after (15) minutes from the starting time;
  4. Signing out from the exam is not allowed before (30) minutes from the starting time;
  5. Using Mobile phones to implement the exams is banned;
  6. The students must download «Respondus Locdown Browser» program on their computer from Moodle website


The following incidents will be regarded by the invigilators as a cheating attempt or an actual cheating case:

  1. The students' devices will be monitored during exams; thus exiting the exam screen during the exam and/or using a screen or page not designated for the exam is considered cheating.
  2. Students are requested to sign out as soon as they submit the exam; postponement in doing so will be considered a cheating attempt;
  3. Not being quiet and maintaining order during the exam period.
  4. Not complying to the instructions of the course instructor;
  5. Arguing and debating with the course instructor;
  6. Turning around and/or looking somewhere else other than the device screen;
  7. Moving, using signals, or changing place;
  8. Using a mobile phone or any other electronic device is considered cheating;
  9. Deliberately switching off the camera or disconnecting the internet;
  10. Claiming that there are technical problems in order to evade the exam, bearing in mind that the university possesses effective monitoring systems that will verify the credibility of the student's claim.


Al Ain University has deployed Respondus LockDown Browser as its proctoring solution to achieve academic integrity during the final exams.
Students should conduct their online exams using the LockDown Browser, the devices should have the specifications listed below:

Device type Desktop or Laptop Computer or Apple iPad (iOS 11 or higher)
Operating System Windows: 10 or Mac: OS X 10.10 or higher
Hardware Web camera (internal or external) & microphone
Network A broadband internet connection